Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First update for on the road

Greetings from hectic Bangkok! We are beginning our third day in Bangkok and we've managed - thus far to avoid being scammed (we think). Yesterday we went for a walk around all the major touristy things - we decided that we'd do the whole thing on foot - because getting lost is half the fun. It also adds the hillarity of people trying to scam you evey few hundred meters! People will come up to you with opening lines of 'oh are you looking for *insert land mark*? you need to head *insert direction*.' followed by 'I am a school teacher on a break/ on holidays from *insert other city*. The place you wnat to see is closed until *insert time*, but *insert other monument* is open for free to tourists today only, usually it is *insert price* After *insert landmark* you should go to *insert several other landmarks*. you should hire out a government tuktuk for 20 baht.' and suddenly a tuktuk shows up. no joke, this happened 3 times before we got to our first tourist attraction for the day (the massive gold standing buddha). Luckily we were onto it straight away - so we got as much info as possible from them and then insisted we were walking everywhere - which we did. 

After a while i decided the reason we kept being targetted was due to the Thailand guide book that fell into our hands while we were in Seam Reap. So we bought a map of bangkok (so we didn't have to keep looking at the guidebook map) and from there things wern't so bad. We headed into the china town market and the thieves market - the former was sooooo hectic, never mind a flow - it was a fast running river of people moving in every direction - well worth a look though! 

After 6 hours of walking around the city we decided we'd had enough for the day and decided to retreat to the less hectic area of our hostel. Last night we drank at a bar that was a kombi van parked in a street with some tables and chairs playing dubstep (of the very wobbly variety), heaven. 

Seam reap was great also. Good to revisit people i met there and the temples as well. The 12 hour bus ride from there to bangkok was not so great - but no dramas. The boarder crossing took about 2 hours but other than that everything was great. 

Thinking about heading south over the next couple of days for some beachy goodness :D

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