Friday, April 8, 2011

BA round two (fight)

It has been so long since doing this blog that i really don´t know where to begin, and none of it really seems that relevant anymore. We managed to continue drinking late into each night, whilst actually seeing some touristy things during the day. On one day we went out to la boca to see the area where the quintessential photographs of BA are taken (the ones of all the brightly coloured buildings). The area is very dodgy except for the 3 streets that are the dedicated tourist area. So much so a man came up to us at one point and pleaded with us that we don´t even think about leaving the area except by bus or taxi.

On our last night in BA we went to ´La Bomba´ - a drumming group that puts on concerts every Monday night. It was a lot of fun but over waaay too fast! This was made even better as the 1L beers were served in plastic cups, so you had to carry a plastic cup the size of your head around. Two hands on the cup at all times people.

BB and I have decided that no matter where we end up, there always seems to be token English gap year kids and a token kiwi with us, at all times! The exception to that is on the bus we don´t have a kiwi, only an English gap year. It´s funny how it keeps on happening though. Especially when every kiwi we meet tells us they haven´t met any other kiwis.

One interesting thing that happened while we were in BA was the public holiday they had. During the public holiday the locals all took to the streets to march/protest in memory of recent history political events. In vague understanding - there had been a dictatorship in Argentina who detained anyone who opposed them. Something like 30,000 people went ´missing´never to be seen or heard of again and no formal investigation has ever happened about it. It was an amazing thing to see - hundreds of thousands of people on the streets marching and drumming and really being passionate about it. Even if we didn´t know the reason until later...

By the time we left BA we were well and truly ready. I missed being in the sun - even though it was sunny outside the tall buildings kept us always in the shadows.... well that and our inability to leave the hostel before about 4pm.

We think we´ve been getting too settled into cities, so we´ve been enjoying the difference that the gypsy train is providing us. It has also been good to meet new people. As we already knew so many people in BA we didn´t really make the effort to meet new people, which really ended up getting to me a lot. Although we did have a few hilarious nights meeting folks, including the people whose bus we are now on. We also met one group of Argentinians who taught us how to talk back to people in Spanish when they´re being rude to us, which we find hilarious.

So the rest of the last week is going to be made into its own blog entry. As always though - photos will be provided eventually....

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