Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ciao Cusco...

Ok...I´ll be the first to admit, i´ve been really slack in the blog department during my 2.5 month life in Cusco. It´s not that there is nothing to write about, I have done many amazing things in my time in beautiful Cusco. I couldn´t say what it is. Maybe i felt too relaxed there. Too at home. So all the amazing things i did, I didn´t really feel the need to write about. Who knows?

So now that i have left my Pariwana work and home. Now that i have finally moved on to not one but TWO other places in the last 5 days (unheard of for us!), i finally feel like i should at least say something to conclude my time in my surrogate home.

I met many amazing people in Cusco, many of whom remain there now. Which gives Bianca and I the incling that we may end up dropping by to see them on our way back through Peru after Bolivia.  These people made me feel so at home that I never wanted to leave.  Had money, visas and flight dates not been there, maybe we never would have left. We also met many amazing people who came and left. Instant friendships were made, ones that will not be forgotten.

When I tell people I spent 2.5 months in Cusco, people generally ask ¨but what on earth did you do for that long?¨, to which my general reply is ¨I wish I could tell you¨. But this is a lie. We did many amazing things during our time in Cusco. (Aside from working, trying to learn Spanish and doing the Inca trail.) To make this point some of my favorite activities undertaken in Cusco that i haven´t mentioned in this blog previously (i think) include: 9 of us Pariwanaeers hiring out motorcycles and riding around the Sacred Valley for the day. Very worth it! Soooo beautiful and highly recommended! White water rafting with some of my favorites. 3 days of rafting was incredible, but these guys & girl made it soooo much better! Also highly recommended. Exploring Inca tunnels that no one seems to know about. Hanging out in the chocolate museum drinking chocolate calientes. Sitting in the plaza people watching. Dancing on bars lit on fire. Hiking up to Christo Blanco and looking out over Cusco and much much more.

I gained jobs, lost jobs, quit jobs. Gained books, water bottles and other items that just seemed to brake or disappear. I had my torch and alarm clock stolen. Lost single socks and gloves. Gained many funny memories. Lost a few brain cells on all nighters. Gained some different perspectives and hopefully lost some negativity.

I am very grateful for the time I spent in Cusco and wouldn´t change it for anything. To the people I met, friends I made and fun times I had. Thank you! It was my time to move on, but i have no doubt in my mind that one day i will return. Maybe sooner, maybe later.

Gracias Pachamama!

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