Thursday, October 13, 2011

The inevitable

After something bad happens, you always seem to ask, ´what if?´

What if I had kept on running instead of waiting?
What if I hadn`t moved?
What if I had everything on me?
What if I was on my own?

You know all these ´what ifs´ are only that. What if?´s. No matter how many times you ask yourself questions it doesn`t change what happened. You can`t turn back time and make a different decision. You have to accept what happened and be grateful for what didn`t.

What if the gun was fake?
What if it wasn`t loaded?
But, what if it was?

No matter who it is that is in front of you. If they have a gun pointed at your chest, you will comply.


Disclaimer: B and I are fine. Just minus a few cameras. We were with 4 other people and were well looked after by a local man after the event who called the police for us and then drove us to the police station so we could make a report.  After a massive communal dinner, a few beers and a lot of jokes the 6 of us could see the better side of it. Am now on the other side of Colombia, about to start relaxing on the Caribbean coast =)

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