Saturday, February 18, 2012

The life of Pai

Pai is beautiful. Pai with 7 amazing friends, living in bamboo huts by a river is pretty much the best thing ever. It is with a heavy heart I sit in Phuket knowing that the dream is over. 7 days just flew by, melting into each other into one cloud of happy, shiney memories. Everywhere you look, Pai eminates love, happiness and a general chilled out attitude. The people likewise. Even the animals are chilled. 
Days were passed chilling in hammocks, playing ukulele, hanging out at the pool with chilled beats, riding scooters to explore new places, bathing in hot springs (where you can also bring eggs to boil for dinner), eating amazing cheesecake, chilling at the night markets, playing catchphrase, sliding down waterfalls, jamming by campfires, watching sunsets, setting off fireworks and lanterns. It was the 'season of love' in Pai and we really did love it.

Before we knew it, it was time to move on. Phuket is a massive culture shock for us after chilled out Laos and Pai. We are doing everything in our power to not just say Phuk-It.

Josh, Werky, Linds & Michelle so good to see you kids again after a year of being apart!!
Ryan, you totally have to move into 122!
Gerald, Ashy, Fonzy (token pet dog) and all of you guys, thanks for making the last week so special.
122 Scooter Gang <3
Also, these were the huts we lived in.

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  1. Hey my little maid, great pic and relief to get a blog update. The bamboo huts look five star. How about Mick's great news!!!!