Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Feather in the wind

So the answer to the previous post was.....PIKER! I didn't even start. The day before i was due to take a train to Birmingham it snowed. At which point I chose defeat. In fact I chose to book a ticket out of the country. Out of the continent. Out of the cold and back to sunny Thailand.

I gave England 3 weeks in total. A week in Newbury, a week in Stourbridge and and week in London. With some trips to Oxford for good measure. Caught up with old mates, family and friends from previous travels, had crazy fun times dancing in a latino bar and going on a hunt for faberge eggs in the middle of the night. Made new friends. And had a bunch of laughs. But after 3 weeks I knew my money would never last. I didn't want to work 'cause the wages are terrible and decided that I really wasn't in the mood to wait around for warmer weather.

Have just spent the last week in Tonsai. Living in a bamboo hut that only has electricity from 6pm to 6am. Spending lots of time climbing huge rock faces, chilling out on the beach and exploring lush rainforest. Pretty damned amazing. Only use the internet every few days. Feels so good being disconnected from the outside world. With aching muscles and cuts and bruises all over me from climbing I can say for sure I definitely made the right choice coming back here.

/Fairy Out

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  1. Sounds like heaven to me! My climbing lately has been a little more restricted... and my bruises are coming from football (soccer) instead... could probably use the disconnect though ;-) Glad you're having an awesome time!!