Friday, November 28, 2008

Colourful Nepal

Today is the end of my 4th day in Nepal. I've just gotten back to Kathmandu after 2 days of white water rafting in the hills. Yes, i AM crazy enough to go white water rafting in Nepal, in WINTER. hahaha. Despite the cold it was a whole lot of fun :D 

Last night we camped right by the river and mingled with the locals. There were only 2 of us camping so it meant we could have a really good chat to the people living in the area. The lady who made us dinner was really excited about having interactions with a western female (i'm presuming) and after a drink or 2 decided that she should dress me in a sari and teach me how to dance, haha. A very random but fun night...lots of photos to follow eventually. It was really good to be able to meet people out of the city!

This morning we hitched a ride back to the starting point (with our guide) with all of our gear - raft, paddles, helmets etc. yes, hitched...on the roof of a truck.... soooo cold! but fun cos you see the locals doing it all the time. I also had my first experience of jumping out of a moving bus once i got back to kathmandu. Directly after which i realised i had no idea where i was (they said something about a connection bus but nothing about which one). Entrusting my life on a random taxi driver i was taken around all the back streets until we were both completely lost and he kept asking for directions....only a little bit of me thought i was going to die...haha

Tomorrow i'm meeting up with the intrepid group and heading up to base camp :D

Also i'm not sure if i've been receiving notes from people (or if you're all just slack) so if you've sent me one and i havn't replied copy and paste it to and i'll get back to you in 2 weeks when i'm back in the land of the living.


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