Saturday, December 13, 2008

Everest Trek

I'll spare you a day by day account of things that happened. But lets just say it was beautiful, wonderful, amazing, incredibley hard, emotional, exhausting and completely worth it. 

I will be the first to admit i didn't actually make it to he "base camp" proper - due to the fact i'd been throwing up on the way to the tea house and i ended up spending the afternoon in bed while the majority of the group walked there and back. But from what i hear it wasn't that much to see anyway - as our leaders Jugs was telling us - it's just a name really. What i did do instead - and was 1 of 4 people out of the 11 people in our group to do - was get up at 445 the next morning and sumit Kalipatah (a 5550m above sea level summit) and watch the sun rise. That was hands down the hardest thing i have ever done in my life, but incredibly worth it!

Everyone in our group got gastro, colds and acute mountain sickness so keeping up morale was tough at times. But the group as a whole was fantastic. Believe me, hiking with gastro in the land of squat and drop toilets (where there are any at all!!).....not fun :S

One of the more random things that happened on our way home was: we were sitting in the common room of a tea house one night when these 2 american guys walked in and made their presence known. They went around introducing themselves and apparently one of them was a rapper called Jay Electronika - who none of us had ever heard of but we googled him later and he was legit - he had been filming a video clip in the mountains and had to come lower due to the weather or something. He also gave one of the guys in our group his US$15000 jacket cos he asked if he could have a photo in it. It was all pretty funny - the guys thought they must have been drinking too much local spirits and it had been messing with their heads - but we have the photos to prove it.

We all went out for a final meal last night and drinks which was fun. Thanks to Jess and Shauns random convos al night i got on my 7am bus to Pokhara on 2 hours sleep, so i'm thinking i'm going to have an early one tonight.

Sometime i'll get around to uploading pics. 

Thats all for now

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