Thursday, December 3, 2009

update while in transit

On my last post we had just wound up in Trang. The next day we had a private driver and a CAR (very flash a/c and all) drive us to a cave and two waterfalls. All of which were breath taking. At the caves you have 2 people row you around in a boat to the inside of the cave then you hop out and wander around and then row a bit further. This was all very pretty, however - coming to the end of the circuit our guide starting asking us hopw we were with small spaces. To which we both replied OK. The next thing we know we are laying down in our boat whilst rock and cave are mere inches from our bodies - fighting the instinct to put our hands up to save ourselves and leaving our pretty faces in the careful hands of our guides. Who indeed did very well at getting us though 350m or so of pitch black very low cave. When i get around to uploading pics this may make more sence - lets just say thats certainly kicked some adrenaline around in us. 

The rest of the day was very relaxing - visiting waterfalls and a national park with a sky walk - not unsimilar to the one we payed $18 a head to do in mt tamborine..except this one was FREE. That night we ate dinner at a resteraunt and taught all the staff and thai people in there how to play flick football using 10baht coins. Hillarity. 

After our trang adventures we headed over to a sleepy island named Koh Muk/Mook for some chill out time. We stayed in a bungalow (which was a bit worse for wear) on the beach, and generally did not much. Yesterday we went for a kayak around to emerald cave on the island, which is a cove enclosed by caves. You have to paddle in a cave (torch is very much required) and suddenly you emerge in a beautiful beach with a mini rainforest. Completely surrounded by rocks that were at least the hight of a 10 storey building. To our luck we had a local Thai guy help us get in and out, - very luckily as you can get lost in the cave - all for the price of 2 kisses on the cheek from me.... WIN. Also whilst in the enclosed beach we met some isralies who told Daz to propose to me there - to which we both laughed a lot. He then said if Daz wasn't he would....and proceeded to do so... i'm now going to start a new happy life in Israil....kidding. But it was hillarious all the same. 

Last night we made friends with the people from both sides of our bungalows, and once again bridged language barriers with beer and flick football. Although this time it was with french/spanish/finnish people. 

Today we're making our treck down to Penang in Malaysia and currently we're waiting for the last leg of our (longtail (boat), mini bus, tuk tuk, mini bus, mini bus) trip - not counting the boarder crossing. 

Life is great :)

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