Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Last Update and final words

Malaysia is an expensive shock when coming from countries such at Thailand and Cambodia. In saying that i am writing this from the 'premium lounge' in the airport (it's $40 for 5 hours - and you get free food and beer.... SOLD). It's still cheaper than Aus (except for beer in clubs in KL) but after the other countries in Asia our wallets just kept seeming to get lighter faster. 

Penang was beautiful. We found a gorgeous cafe called 'Amelie'. It was so quirky and delightful - the lady had made all the furnature herself and the outcome was fantastic. 

After a few days of exploring Penang (Daz had an Archi-Gasm at all the architecture etc), we headed down to KL for the last few days of our adventure. This is where i found out that my (even though we met at the beat - definitely straight) boyfirend LOVES shopping. I'm serious! He dragged me around several 14 storey shopping centres - of which there were many. Although most of the shops in them are similar. One of them had a huge theme park inside of it, with rollercoasters and all. All of this made me a very tired fairy! 

Things and stuff (also stuff and things): 

Most expensive hotel: First night away at Tune hotel Malaysia ($35) 

Cheapest hotel: Hostel in Trang ($4.50) 

Worst hotel: Penang - first night - got in late and just took what we could find. The furnature was worse than a share house and the toliets were down a back alley 

Best hotel: Koh Muk - bungalow on the beach - ok so the toilet didn't have a flush and collected mossies every night - and it was a little run down....but it was a bungalow on the beach - with a mossie net over the bed - and it was lovely 

Cheapest beer: Cambodia $0.50 

Most expensive beer: KL clubs $7 for a pint! 

Favorite place: Koh muk - mainly emerald caves (although koh panang comes in a close second) 

Least favorite place: Bangkok - too many people trying to trick you - and generally smelly 

Will i do it again? Always

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