Monday, February 7, 2011

The first few steps...

Greetings from Sao Paulo, unofficial home of the white kombi van (we counted no less than 80 of them today in the space of a 1hr walk!). Today is our third day in SP and we are taking some time to chill by the pool, eat delicious home made food and drink 60c beer (wooo!).

Things have been great so far. The plane trip over was uneventful. The highlight of our 22 hours in LA was eating taco bell...sooo good! and maybe our amazing hotel comes a close second - it was so fancy even the pillows were labeled so we could easily identify which pillows were soft and which were firm, haha.

After 3 more flights ( LA->El Salvador->Bogota->Sao Paulo) and another 24 hours we still somehow decided to go the backpacker budget way to our hostel (to avoid the $60 taxi) and take a bus and 3 trains. Turns out the metro system here is really easy, especially as if we ever looked lost or confused a friendly local would come up to us and help us however they could. In general, people here are amazingly lovely and helpful! Even today in the supermarket queue a man started talking to us just because he heard us speaking english and wanted us to feel welcome in Brazil.

Yesterday we met up with Tassia, a girl Bianca met during previous travels. She took us out to lunch and showed us around town. Later on we me up with her again to go out clubbing with her and her friends. As there were about 7 of us naturally we just got a litre bottle of vodka between us at the bar, haha. Was a good night. There was a band playing old school brazillian songs that everyone knew the words to - kind of like
a cover band at home except in portuguese.We had sooo much fun!!
Anyway, that is all for now.

 At the airport ready to go

Firm and soft pillows

On the wall at our hostel (rotate 90´)

Clubbing Brazillian Style

Ninja Brocoli

this is right next to our room

living a hard life... hahaha

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