Thursday, August 25, 2011

12 Lessons learned in Bolivia

1) Bolivians don´t bargain - at least not with gringos - whatever price they tell you, that´s it. (With the odd exception of tour operators)
      - addition to said rule - you´re a gringo, you pay more. always.

2) Bolivians don´t queue. No matter where you are in line someone (or more likely many people) will push in front of you.

3) Soup is an amazing, varied and delicious food served before lunch and dinner. Generally it is much better than the actual meal.

4) Unless I am working in tourism, don´t talk to me - even then my friendliness is not guaranteed.

5) Bring toilet paper everywhere! Including hostels.

6) Never wait until you are really hungry to order food. You´ll be waiting a long time just to order, and even longer for the food to arrive.

7) If you have trouble crossing the road just look for your friendly local zebra at the zebra crossing - no kidding.

8) Brass bands are a must for every city. 5am is the perfect time for a street parade and fire crackers make the perfect accompaniment.

9) The perfection of the pressure Vs heat game in the shower. The less pressure the more heat - but if you have too little pressure the heating element stops. A fun filled sport for all players.

10) Bolivia is the only country in the world (of my knowledge) where you can pay with a note the is literally ripped in half (give them both halves) and they will accept it.

11) At altitude vacuum packed goods always explode (open away from you).

12) There is no sense buying agua con gas (sparkling water) at high altitude, as it only stays fizzy for 5 minutes, and then you´re stuck with odd flavoured water.

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