Thursday, August 25, 2011

Have legs, will climb - salt flats tour

No matter where you are on the salt flats tour, you can bet that 3 people in your car plus half of the gringos in the other 4wds will attempt to climb on, through or over it. Maybe it is a case of restlessness caused by several hours of being trapped in a 4wd. Or maybe it is some primal desire, to explore and conquer anything new.

Rusty old trains. Climbed
Rock canyons. Climbed
Rock formations. Climbed
Abandoned rusty buses. Climbed

Ok well the last one was only by me and B while we waited at the Bolivia/Chile boarder crossing.

The salt flats tour definitely gave a lot to this explorer fairy. Aside from climbing on many different objects, we experienced: lagoons of many different colours - mostly frozen; flamingos/pariwanas (although more dead than alive); hot springs; volcanoes; geysers; the Salvador Dali desert; salt flats; salt piles; salt hotels; cactus islands; photographic fun times; snow covered everything; beautiful sunrises and star filled skies.

Definitely a highlight. Though something much better described in pictures (to be added at a later date.... )

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