Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chilling in Cambodia

I'm currently at the beach, and finally have learned the art of doing nothing. I'm wasting away days by the beach, swimming, reading and generally having fun, then dancing, firetwiring and drinking cheap cocktails during the night. I met up with up with a friend from Bris and her brother and friend in Phnom Penh. It was quite exciting to see familiar faces... and 2 of them in the one country (Adam and Ang) i just don't know what to do with myself...hahaha.

I'm really loving the traveller lifestyle, being able to make decisions in the moment and knowing that regardless of what i do, it's all ok. This morning for example, i decided that infact i wasn't ready to leave beautiful Sihanoukville...and thus changed my bus ticket back to Phnom Penh to some time other than today and told the guest house that infact i wasn't leaving....they seemed quite pleased with the decision..haha.

I love that my hardest task during the day is deciding where to eat dinner, or do i want another massage? Today i had (my very first) a manicure while sitting on the beach.followed by a full body massage (all for $10)...life doesn't get much better than this!

So to sum it up... life is amazing. haha. yesty was Australia day and also Chinese new year, and also Indian Independence day... so to everyone around it was just another cause to celebrate... and how better than to enjoy the beautiful beaches and run amok?

I didn't do much in Phnom Pehn. Mainly lay around Adams house and recovered from all the hard days of sightseeing etc i had been doing previously. But i have to end up back there, so the killing fields can wait until i'm ready.

One of the things i love about Cambodia, is the fact that it is socially aceptable to be wearing your pjs in public atany time of the day or night.

In Saigon/HCMC i only really saw the tunnels and fired an AK47 and hung around the backpacker district. I wanted to go on a trip trough the Mekong Delta but you can only use evisas on certain entry points... and the one i'd need to go through wasn't one of them :(

Hope everyone had a grand Aussie day

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