Monday, January 5, 2009

Vietnam Happenings...

Well i figured it was about time for another update, although i don't really know where to start. New Years was lots of random messy 'glam rock' fun... although i saw a girl from our hostel get hit by a motorbike, which was not so fun...especially for her - although she seemed to be ok. I was very surprised at myself for staying awake until 6am as i'd only had one hours sleep the night (i blame you jj.... and family guy!) before and a 4 hour nap during the day... but had to remember i was representing my country... and mustn't let anyone think Australians are weak! (unlike some other aussies i know who were in bed by 9!!!) 

Sapa (where i went before new years) was beautiful. It was like a mix between Nepals countryside and Thailands hilltribes. The first day was so foggy that we couldn't see more than 50 metres in front of our faces. However the next day i got up and watched the sunrise and that was absolutely beautiful! It was the clearest and warmest day i've had in Viet the whole time i've been here (and in the place everyone told me was going to be freezing!). 

I haven't done anything at the orphanage yet. Thursday and Friday (Jan1/2) i had my orientation days where i learnt about Viet culture and VPV and some basic Viet phrases. Everyone from the volunteer dorms where i am staying was heading over to Sapa for the weekend, so i decided to fly down to Hoi An (bypassing the 16 hour bus ride) to meet up with some people i had met at the Hanoi Backpackers, and to hopefully get some sunshine. I found some of them on the Saturday, but they left that night. So i spent Sunday sight seeing and getting the final fittings done on a (very pretty) dress. It rained all day, and i have more than a sneaking suspision i have a cold... something about the continuous coughing up of green crap.... but all in all i had a very good weekend. 

I'm now back at the volunteer dorms and will (hopefully) be seeing where i am working thisafternoon...and (hopefully) finding out what i will actually doing there. 

I just went for a walk though the little town close to the dorms we are staying at. It was a very funny experience indeed. We walked past a school (not one we work at) and instantly we were surrounded by kids who kept saying 'hello hello' and shaking our hands... then when we walked off the followed us for a good 5 minutes....soooo funny. 

Another thing that amazes me about the country here, is that on one side of the road there will be houses/factories/buildings of sorts. But on the other side of the road there will be a guy wading through his rice paddies...certainly different to home! 

Anyway, i'm off to get organised before i see the orphanage. Hope everyone is great back home 

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