Sunday, January 11, 2009

Morning Star and VPV

So as it turns out, i'm not actually working at an orphanage. I'm working at a school for disabled kids. The class i'm helping out in has 12 autistic kids in it. Although i don't think they all actually have autism, i think some of them have ADHD or the likes and have been diagnosed under the autistic category. 

It was a bit hard working there at first, as no one has ever told me what to do/what is expected of me etc. I was just thrown in a classroom with the 3 teachers and left to figure everything out myself. But i've gotten myself into a bit of a routine with it and hopefully i'm actually helping the teachers out (and not just being just another thing they have to worry about) The kids are really cute but they can also be really annoying.... how can you reason with a 5year old autistic kid when you don't speak their language?? However it has been fun for the most part. 

The other night we were told there was a mini celebration happening at friendship village - boarding school for disabled kids (one of the places VPV volunteers at) - and that we should go along. However we forgot that this was Viet speak for - you should make an early tet celebration for the kids tonight. hahaha. One thing i've found about Vietnam is that communication isn't a big thing. Messages always seem to get lost in thin air, and if you want more than one person to know something, then you need to tell each person individually - rather than letting the message be passed on. The tet celebrations were great anyway. We made a giant bonfire and roasted sweet potatoes on them and played games with the kids. I kinda wish i'd been placed there instead of morning star. Everyone at friendship village were so friendly, and so happy we were there. As they live there full time, there was no rushing and prodding along all the time like there is at Morning star - where they have limited time. 

Well that's the week pretty much summed up. Working a lot means that all other activities have been put on hold. Except of course going out at night with the other volunteers - which has provided some VERY funny/random nights indeed. 

Looking forward to some warmer weather down south!!!!

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